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Animatsiya Community

Welcome to the Animatsiya Community

Animatsiya Community


Welcome to the Animatsiya Community

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drawing, old man
It's been suggested to me by Alek-morse that it might be a good idea to allow other people to post in the "Animatsiya in English" blog. I thought that the idea had some merit, but the LJ system wouldn't allow anyone to post there but myself; I had to create a community. This community, rather than being something new, is a continuation of the same idea: Discussing mostly Russian animation in the (more-or-less) international English language, and thus making it accessible to a wider audience. The reason I originally decided to start "Animatsiya" on LJ is that very many Russian animators have LJ accounts (though most don't speak English).

From now on, anyone can sign up to be a member here and write entries, though all posts must still be approved before they appear.

All of my writings will be posted both here and at my own journal from now on (nothing at the original "Animatsiya in English" blog will change in the near future). I don't post very frequently, so it's probably a good thing to open up the forum.

Here are the links to all the previous posts on "Animatsiya in English":

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  • Finally! It's great!
    In near future, I plan to post the texts about the some films by David Cherkassky and 'The Musicans from Bremen'.

    As for first case, I have not good-quality screen shots from 'Doctor Aibolit'... Of course, the screen shots from 'The Captain Vrungel' and 'The Treasures Island' are problem too, but, I think, I can to find something. The English translation of poems by Kornei Chukovsky is another problem. I'll try to find it in internet, particularly to ask in Live Journal.

    As for second touch, I have translated the one article - small interviews with Inessa Kovalevskaya, Gennady Gladkov, Oleg Anofriev as for the creating of 'The Musicans from Bremen'. Perhaps, I'll add yet something to the text.
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